Welcome to MiVIA™, the online Personal Health Record (PHR) designed to store and provide secure, readily accessible health information for consumers and medical professionals.

MiVIA™ enables member patients to share their medical information with registered MiVIA™ providers as well as maintain a continuity of care record. MiVIA™ also includes an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) portal that can be viewed and shared by multiple care providers.

By registering as a clinician you:

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To view or enter patient data, you may register now at no charge and access up to five patient accounts. If you would like to enroll as a MiVIA™ Network Provider for your practice or organization, Contact Us.

How to Register

Please complete the information below to register as a clinician or designated care giver. Upon submitting your registration you will receive a system assigned ID and password. You may change the password at anytime after your initial login by clicking on Change password in the left hand column.

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